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🎄 Christmas Night Jazz Music – Christmas Saxophone Jazz Music – Snow Night Smooth JAZZ

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Lenny Pickett Tenor Saxophone Virtuoso

Lenny Pickett is best known as the tenor saxophonist of the Saturday Night Live Band, he is one of the virtuosos of altissimo saxophone. The altissimo register is a technique that almost seems like a requirement for saxophonists today. It’s based on harmonics and enables you to achieve …

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7 Reasons Why The Saxophone Is So Popular

It seems that everyone loves the sax. People tell me constantly how much they love the sax. (You probably do, too, or you wouldn’t be reading this.) But why? What is it about the sax that’s so wonderfully cool? And why does it effect so many people so …

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The Saxophone Saint

We all know that music is part of any religion – but one church has made music the central focus of its worship by celebrating legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane as a saint. Likes: 80 Viewed: source